Services - Fibreglass Repairs

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fibreglass motor boat

Gelcoat or fiberglass coatings need repairing due to many factors including age, wear or damage from impact. Once the gelcoat is cracked, split or worn away, it leaves the fibreglass exposed to the elements and ingress of water.
For fibreglass repairs, the fiberglass can be cut or ground away, re-laid, built up and reinforced to reinstate the hulls original form, then finished with gelcoat to ensure the surface is consistent with the surrounding area.

If the gelcoat is faded by UV exposure, a rejuvenating compound and process can be used to bring the colour and surface appearance back to its original shine and lustre. If the gelcoat is cracked or worn through, it can be ground or sanded, have new gelcoat applied, be sanded through a number of grades of wet sandpaper, polished and then waxed to match the surrounding area. The process can make a tired older boat look brand new again.